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    Extended Download Service FAQ

Q: What is the Extended Download Service?
A: The Extended Download Service is a service designed to protect your purchase. Should you at any time need to reinstall the program on the same computer, or you buy a new computer, or lose your license key, we will provide you with the services necessary to redownload and register ErrorExpert on your computer.

: What if I don't purchase this Extended Download Service?
A: If you decide not to purchase our Extended Download Service (EDS) and you lose your download for whatever reasons, you will need to repurchase the product at the then current sales price.

Q: Can I purchase this service at a later time?
A: No. You must purchase the Extended Download Service at the time of purchasing the downloadable product. You cannot purchase this service by itself.

Q: If I purchased the Extended Download Service and lost my software, what do I need to do to be able to download it again?
A: Perform the following steps.
Email us with your full name and email address and we'll send you your license key to the software.

Q: Is one Extended Download Service good for multiple copies of software?
A: One Extended Download Service is good for only one license. You cannot purchase one copy of a download and download it on multiple computers, unless you have purchased a multicomputer license. If you changed computers or purchased a new computer and deleted or uninstalled the program from your old computer, you would be eligible for a new download of a previously purchased program.

Q: Who is entitled to use this Extended Download Service?
A: Only the End User who purchased the program is entitled to the use of this service. Should you attempt to register multiple copies through use of the Extended Download Service you shall be considered in violation of the End User License Agreement and subject to liability for its breach and for violation of the terms and conditions of the Extended Download Service.

Q: Is the Extended Download Service refundable?
A: As indicated in the terms and conditions for this service, the End User shall not be entilted to any refund on the Service for any reason. To the extent you make mutliple downloads of any program subject to the Extended Download Service and in violation of the applicable End User License Agreement, your rights to future downloads shall be forfeited an no refund shall be granted.

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